8541 State Highway 2

Waikino, 3682

Tel: 07 863 8381

Open Wednesday - Friday from 11.30am                   
            Saturday - Sunday from 11am


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About Us


The Waikino Hotel story is one of fire and flood, excess and prohibition, but most of all, it's a story about connections. Connecting travelers and towns, the present with the past, and our community with each other.

Experience the Waikino Hotel and connect with a piece of history.

The Waikino Hotel is proudly family owned and operated.

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Meet The Team


Our commander in chief.
Known to some locals as St. James, his vision, hard work and experience in the hospitality industry are the driving force behind the Waikino Hotel. You'll find him wherever he's needed.


Our media manager Jaimee plans our events, answers your Facebook or Instagram messages and runs our website. She also bartends and gets the dance floor started.


Echo is our Hotel dog and the real MVP. She loves greeting guests, sleeping by the fire and cuddles. Echo doesn't like sharing the attention though, so please don't bring your dogs in to visit.


King of the kitchen, Russell is our award winning chef. He's passionate about delivering fresh, bistro style food and creating menus with a mix of family favourites and dishes for the more adventurous.


Artist Lacey is the smiling face behind our bar. She might be young, but she's been working at the 'Kino longer than anyone and knows almost everyone!


If you like your bartenders tall, dark and handsome, come visit Cruize!

He's got style for miles and dance moves to match. (Plus his playlists are legendary)


Dash might dress like life's a party, but she's all business about making sure your coffee, and your Waikino Hotel visit, are excellent! 


Makeup artist Justine doesn't just have perfect brows, she's a budding mixologist & bartender out to make the perfect shot.


Waitress Grace wants to be a criminal lawyer, but in the meantime you'll find this high schooler keeping law and order in our dining room.


Sapphire is a friendly high school student studying catering, and always has a big smile for patrons in our dining room!


With a can-do attitude and a love for pop culture, Wyatt is working his way up in our kitchen. You might see him helping in the bar on busy event nights.


Joining us from Chile, Chef Sebastian brings international flair and flavour to our menu!